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How Can I Join?

If you meet the criteria below, you may be able to join us. Please write to us for more information!
-All prospective members must be at least 21 years old.
-All prospective members must be in fairly good physical condition to be able to participate in battle scenarios, and weekend-long living history events.
-You will be required to supply your own uniform, and gear. We have extras to lend to new recruits for an event or two, but ask that that you obtain at least the basics by your second event. (Exceptions can be made under certain circumstances pending approval of unit CO)
-We ask that you attend at least two events per year.
-You must be legally able to own a firearm.
Note-The best recommendation that we can give, is that you visit us face to face at an event. In this way, we can explain aspects of our unit with you thoroughly, as well as actually show you what you would need in order to join. Any potential members will also undergo an interview with two or more of our senior members. We hope that you will be interested in joining us in this challenging and rewarding impression!