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About Us

The Polish-American Living History Association (PALHA) is a non-profit, educational corporation. We differ from the standard concept of a "reenactment unit" in that PALHA members may chose more than one primary Polish "impression." The concept is that most units chose a particular regiment or company from a specific date and place to portray, whereas PALHA's goal is to demonstrate to the public the enormity of the Polish contribution to WWII. To better accomplish this you will generally see PALHA members wearing uniforms from several different units at the same event. We have members who specifically chose to study the Poles who fought against Rommel in North Africa and therefore will tailor their impression to that time period and location. Standing next to that person could be another member who has intently researched the Polish Independent Para Brigade and will therefore be able to interpret that history to the public. In this way the average visitor will get a bigger picture of the Polish involvement in the war effort. By selecting "Some of the Units That We Portray" on the menu bar, you will see web pages dedicated to some of the units PALHA members portray. The website shows a portion of our alternate impressions. In addition to the units listed we also have members with September 1939 kits, Polish women's auxiliary services (PSK) and the home army. Not only does this concept better educate the public, but it allows PALHA members more freedom to pursue their particular areas of interest within the Polish genre. All PALHA impressions are held to strict authenticity standards.